Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100 % ITALIANO

100 % Italiano Extra virgin Olive Oil  



Virtue: Industriousness San Bernardino da Siena   

You’ll find the birthplace of our 100% Italian where the olive tree powerfully conveys its radiant and generous essence in the quality and quantity of its yield. 250 hectares in San Giorgio Lucano expertly cultivated, where in true harmony and absolute balance an intensely and heady aromatic extra virgin olive oil is the result of love and passion.


PRODUCTION CHARACTERISTICS: We monitor the mechanical extraction to maintain a constant processing temperature so that the pressed olives and the must oil obtained spend just moments in contact with or are exposed to oxygen. The just-extracted Extra Virgin Olive Oil is filtered in line, and then proceeding to the careful separation of the day’s batches. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is stored in stainless steel protected from light at a temperature below 22°C to prolong the shelf-life; it is then vacuumbottled (just before the product leaves for markets) using a bottle that reduces the impact of UV-ray penetration by 97%.

Olives area of origin: Basilicata and Puglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil production area: Frantoio di Dievole (Dievole Oil Mill) Olive variety: Leccino, Coratina, Peranzana e Ogliarola Altitude: 0 - 150 sml Harvesting Method: mechanical and manual


FOOD PAIRING: Perfect with bean-based starters, salmon carpaccio, chicken salad, marinated vegetables, bean purees, asparagus pasta dishes, baked seafood, baked fish, roasted poultry and lamb, young, spun-textured cheeses



500 ml / ca. 16,9 oz



18 months



Keep in a cool place, away from light and heat sources



$ 22.00 / pc.


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