Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Chianti Classico

DOP Chianti Classico Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Virtue: Assumption of risk San Bernardino da Siena    We walked the gravel roads one step at a time, the barren fields pressing against the dry stone walls, the olive groves exposed to the sun between vineyards and woods, high up on the hill. A land defined by time and by the bravery of Chianti Classico dwellers. Together we have ministered and retrieved every single tree, keeping our identity alive and well, now and forever.


PRODUCTION CHARACTERISTICS: We monitor the mechanical extraction to maintain a constant processing temperature so that the pressed olives and the must oil obtained spend just moments in contact with or are exposed to oxygen. The just-extracted  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is filtered in line, and then proceeding to the careful separation of the day’s batches. The  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is stored in stainless steel protected from light at a temperature below 22°C to prolong the shelf-life; it is then vacuum-bottled (just before the product leaves for markets) using a bottle that reduces the impact of UV-ray penetration by 97%.


Olives area of origin: Chianti Classico Alta Valle dell’Arbia Extra Virgin Olive Oil production area: Frantoio di Dievole (Dievole Oil Mill) Olive variety: Frantoio, Moraiolo Altitude: 250 - 450 sml Harvesting Method: manual.


FOOD PARING: Chianina beef carpaccio with porcini mushrooms, spinach salad, grilled radicchio, lentil soup, artichoke pasta dishes, oven-baked oily fish, red meat, grilled game, mature firm-textured cheeses.



500 ml/ ca. 16,9 oz



18 months



Keep in a cool place, away from light and heat sources






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