Maestri Tagliatelle

In Italy there is a strong sense of culture connected to producing and consuming pasta, particularly in the Campania Region and in areas like Gragnano and inland Salerno. Over the centuries the art of 'making' pasta has become a practice that has, in it's time become appreciated more and more at a national and indeed, an international level. Today Maestri Pastai still uses the best quality durum wheat and exclusively uses bronze draw plates, just as it did in the past, in order to ensure that the pasta will have its famous rough and porous surface (which is ideal for sauces). 

·         Taste; close attention is paid to choosing the process of drying out the semolina grain, an indispensable process for both conserving the original, natural qualities of the grain and more importantly for satisfying the requirements of the palate. 

·         Quality; Maestri Pastai is distinguishable because of the high quality of primary materials used and the traditions and workmanship of the methods of production. With every piece of pasta Maestri Pastai guarantees excellent results, including good elasticity of the pasta and the way in which it keeps its shape once cooked. The company guarantees high quality at every step of the production process, from the grain selection to the conservation methods.

The Vision 2000 Certificate held by the company confirms and renews the company's commitment to maintaining such high standards of production that meet the demands of the consumer and, at the same time, guarantee complete satisfaction.

·         Traditions; the craftsmen at Maestri Pastai are the holders of the Neapolitan pasta making secret handed down from generation to generation. These craftsmen re-introduce the ancient flavours using new techniques. This gives life to a simple handcrafted product but at the same time preserves ancient traditions.



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Cooking with Nonna

Learn from a real italian grandmother, how to make italian pasta, join our “Cooking with Nonna” Tour. Program: Tuesday with market, other days without market or shopping.(departing a little bit later)

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