It is not only lambrusco wine and the famous balsamic vinegar which is obtained from the grapes in the territory of Modena, but also another cherecteristic product of the local country cuisine, la saba.

It is a very old speciality. Saba is obtained from careful cooking of the pressing of the grapes for many hours, until a concentrated must has been archieved.

The result is a dense, sweet syrup. During preparation saba is enriched with the addition of quince fruit (apple or pear) and aromatized with spices such as cinnamon and cloves. The fantasy of the cultivators of a cuisine with a long past, open to new and exciting combinations cannot do other than be stimulated by a product such as Cavedoni saba, which is genuine, of great quality and fruit of love, knowledge and respect for the ancient local and familiar customs.


Produced from 50% concentrated grape must


Produced with wine vinegar and must coming from the private vineyards of the Cavedoni family


No acidity

100 ml / 3.38 Fl.Oz.


Product entirely handmade

$ 20.00 / pc.


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